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Round 7, Silverstone

Round 4, Croft 

Our American boy
Spike misses out on the 2019 BRSCC National FF1600 title, but it was another strong weekend for the championship contender
FF P&P 140919-1
Oldfield Racing's regular, Aaron Jeansonne is joined for 1 race by F4 racer Carter Williams

P&P 070719-156
Spectators entertained!
Silverstone spectators enjoyed a packed weekend of exciting Formula Ford racing.

FF Race 2 150919-4
I'd like to order 1 race win please
Great to see Joey Foster out in the National FF1600 championship for the 1st time in 2019 & straight back to winning ways.

FF P&P 150919-89
2019 National Pro Champ!
Team Dolan racer, Ross Martin in the thick of the action again. The young Scottish driver scored enough points at Silverstone to secure the 2019 Pro National FF1600 Championship.

FF Race 1 140919-62
Hello stranger! Welcome back.
Another familiar face was out for the 1st time in 2019 with Kevin Mills Racing. Michael Moyers ended the weekend with 2 impressive podiums

FF P&P 140919-3
Race 1 Podium
Michael Eastwell takes his 2nd victory of the season, having only done Kirkistown & Silverstone.

Michael Moyers makes it a Kevin Mills Racing 1 -2 with Spike Kohlbecker 3rd

FF P&P 140919-17
Hold your line, hold your nerve
More of the fantastic side-by-side racing we know to expect from the Formula Fords

FF Race 2 150919-73
Teamates off track
Cliff Dempsey Racing teamates, James Clarke and Jonathan Browne don't take it all too seriously!

FF P&P 150919-54
Teamates on track
The Cliff Dempsey Racing trio of Spike Kohlbecker, James Clarke and Jonathan Browne once again showing there are no team orders at CDR.

FF Race 2 150919-9
Club Class leader
John Svensson (No. 35) enjoyed another good weekend & heads the top of the Club Class Championship, but its a close battle with Adam Quartermaine

FF Qual 140919-24
Race 2 podium
1st Joey Foster (Don Hardman Racing), 2nd Ross Martin (Team Dolan), 3rd Michael Eastwell (Kevin Mills Racing)

FF P&P 150919-30
Captions please...
I'm saying nothing about racing drivers and cages!

FF P&P 150919-34
Battles through the field
Rookie Morgan Quinn holding off Henry Chart, Kenneth Cowie & Pascal Monbaron

FF Race 1 140919-108
Blue skies & packed field
Silverstone - a scorcher on and off the circuit!

FF Race 2 150919-51
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Round 3, Anglesey 

Our American Boys
Oldfield Racing's regular, Aaron Jeansonne is joined for 1 race by F4 racer Carter Williams

P&P 070719-156
Getting to grips with Croft circuit
Friday testing gave drivers, including Michael MacPherson, their first look at the new surface at Croft.

Test 050719-73
The pack descends
Race 1 start at Croft - great racing from our single seaters.

R1 060719-4
Every reason to smile!
Team Dolan racer, Ross Martin, scored a trio of victories to extend his lead in the Pro Championship.

P&P 070719-182
Jonathan Browne returns
The Cliff Dempsey racer was back after missing Croft as he was sitting his exams.

Qual 060719-6
FF1600 can be tyring...
French FF1600 championship leader, Adrien Laissac, made his national series debut

P&P 070719-141
Ready for action
Rory Smith at the start of what would be a good weekend for the B-M Racing Driver.

P&P 070719-85
Race 1 Podium
1st Ross Martin, 2nd Rory Smith, 3rd James Clarke.

P&P 060719-56
Croft was a tricky track
But produced a lot of close action racing, including between Jonathan Browne and Jamie Sharp.

R2 070719-79
Dolan Team Boss
Team Boss, Bernard Dolan enjoyed the Croft weekend.

P&P 060719-22
You spin me
Rookie, Nicole Woods, trying out track limits in testing

Test 050719-22
Right round
Rookie, Nicole Woods, trying out track limits in testing

Test 050719-25
Rookie, Nicole Woods, trying out track limits in testing

Test 050719-26
Right round
Rookie, Nicole Woods, trying out track limits in testing

Test 050719-28
And back on track
Rookie, Nicole Woods, trying out track limits in testing

Test 050719-28
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Beside the sea...
.... at Anglesey. Pole sitter, Tom McArthur, leads the pack away in R3

R3 090619-3
The long & the short of it
Team Dolan team mates, Morgan Quinn (left) & Adam Quartermaine (right)

P&P 090619-330
Just a bit damp!
Wet weather test session.

Rory Smith & Pascal Monbaron out on track

Test 060619-157
A season debut
Jamie Thorburn makes his 2019 FF1600 National debut at Anglesey

P&P 070619-132
The pack at Anglesey
More close racing from the FF1600 National Championship drivers

R3 090619-50
Race 1 Podium
1st Ross Martin, 2nd Spike Kohlbecker, 3rd James Clarke

P&P 080619-270
Heading out of pits
Neil McLennan of Kevin Mills Racing heads out on track at Anglesey

P&P 070619-113
Team mates??!
A nervous time for Cliff Dempsey as his drivers battle it out on track at Anglesey: James Clarke & Spike Kohlbecker

R1 080619-128
Checking data or social media
Oldfield teammates, Aaron Jeansonne & Northern Championship newcomer, Abi Monroe studying the data
P&P 070619-107
Say Cheese!
B-M Team Boss, Andy Brickles just hanging out with driver, Rory Smith!

P&P 080619-148
Not a bad backdrop
Oldfield Motorsport out on track at Anglesey Circuit

Test 060619-90
Race 2 podium
1st Ross Martin, 2nd James Clarke, 3rd Spike Kohlberg

P&P 090619-303
Side-by-side action
Tom McArthur making his way through the field.

R1 080619-79
Post-race analaysis
Teammates John Svensson & Pascal Monbaron in Parc Ferme

P&P 080619-226
Championship Leader
Two victories were enough for Ross Martin to retain the championship lead, despite a DNF in race 3

P&P 080619-167
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Round 2, Oulton Park

Just keeping an eye on things
Ross Martin at Oulton Park before the racing starts for the FF1600 National Championship

P&P 110519-30
Thumbs up!
Oulton Park was the setting for Jonathan Browne's inaugural National FF1600 victory

P&P 110519-12
Pre-race advice
Youngster, Scott Huntley receives some advice from 2018 Formula Ford Festival Josh Smith who is part of the McLaren Young Drive Programme
P&P 110519-179
Lights, camera, action...
Pole sitter, Jonathan Browne chats to TV crew at Oulton Park before Race 1 whilst fans enjoy their grid walk.
Ross Martin on the FF1600 grid
Team Dolan racer, Ross Martin on the grid at Oulton Park
Lined up & raring to go
BRSCC Avon Tyres FF1600 National grid at historic Oulton Park

P&P 110519-72
Smokin' - Turn 1 lock up
James Clark locks up after a great get away in race 1 at Oulton Park
R1 110519-10
Clarke has a big off at Oulton Park
James Clark walks away from big accident at Oulton Park in the FF1600 National Championship
R1 110519-13
Close single-seater racing in FF1600
The Cliff Dempsey racer, Jonathan Browne, in battle for lead at the historic Oulton Park circuit

R1 110519-45
What's that coming over the hill...
The pack enjoying the challenge of the Oulton Park motor racing circuit

R2 110519-142
Side-by-side close racing action
Close racing between Neil MacLennan and Jonathan Browne - it would not end well
R2 110519-73
Retirement woes for Smith
Rory Smith retires in race one and sadly the problem was terminal & he couldn't take the race 2 start at Oulton Park
R1 110519-153
Winning joy
Jonathan Browne takes his first BRSCC Avon Tyres FF1600 National Championship win

Track action
Fans enjoyed a packed day of racing at Oulton Park with plenty of close action from the FF1600 single seaters
R1 110519-4
That's not football Spike!
American racer, Spike Kohlbecker tries to teach his Cliff Dempsey teammates a bit of American Football.

P&P 110519-131
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Round 1, Snetterton

Checking the data
James Oldfield reviews data with his drivers, Aaron Jeansonne & Henry Chart at Snetterton

P&P 190419-4
A useful aide memoire
John Svensson studies the Snetterton circuit track map

P&P 190419-38
Huntley prepares for race debut
Scott Huntley makes the move from karting to FF1600 in his debut at Snetterton

P&P 190419-45
Nose to tail single-seater racing
Rory Smith leads the pack on his way to victory in race 1 at Snetterton.

Race 1 200419-196
Great racing at sunny Snetterton
Fans enjoyed close FF1600 racing at Snetterton on a sunny bank holiday weekend

Race 1 200419-36
FF1600 Nat. Round 1, race 1 victor
B-M Racing's Rory Smith takes the first BRSCC Avon Tyres National Championship race win of the 2019 season

P&P 200419-199
In the paddock at Snetterton
Young racer, Max Marzorati in the paddock at Snetterton.

P&P 200419-178
Quinn gets into his Van Diemen RF99
Team Dolan driver, Morgan Quinn gets ready to go out at Snetterton

P&P 190419-31
Nicole Woods gets ready to race
Rookie racer, Nicole Woods at her first FF1600 National race weekend with B-M Racing

P&P 210419-386
Snetterton grid walk for fans
Single-seater fans enjoying the FF1600 National grid walk at Snetterton

P&P 210419-274
It was an incident-packed race 2
The safety car leads the FF1600 pack around Snetterton after a number of race 2 accidents & incidents
Wheel-to-wheel action
Young racers Martin and Kohlbecker enjoyed a fantastic battle for the lead in race 2 at Snetterton

R2 210419-31
Lining up a move for the lead
Cliff Dempsey racer, Spike Kohlbecker was all over the back of Ross Martin in race 2 at Snetterton.

R2 210419-28
Race 2 podium
Spike Kohlbecker celebrates his first victory of the 2019 season with Ross Martin in second & Neil MacLennan in third

P&P 210419-331
Rory Smith in the B-M Racing garage at Snetterton.

P&P 190419-40
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Dolan Team Boss

Team Boss, Bernard Dolan enjoyed the Croft weekend. P&P 060719-22

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