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B-M Racing

2019 Drivers:

Dave McArthur, Tom McArthur, Rory Smith, Nicole Woods


Website: http://www.b-mracing.co.uk/

Facebook: @BMRacingFF1600

Twitter: n/a

Instagram: @b_mracing

Founded: 2015

Best Formula Ford memory

Winning the Walter Hayes Trophy 3 years running in some form. 2015 Wayne Boyd under the banner of ASB Motorsport. 2016 with Graham Carroll under the BM Racing banner and in 2017 the historic trophy with Thomas McArthur. 

Team Owners

Andy Brickles and David McArthur

E mail: b_mracing@hotmail.com

Border Reivers Racing Team

2019 Drivers:

Jamie Thorburn

Website: http://www.borderreiversracing.co.uk

Facebook: Border Reivers

Twitter: @BorderReivers 


Founded: 2002

Best Formula Ford memory

Winning Scottish FFord title with Stuart Thorburn driving his Van Diemen in 2013. Now running a Ray chassis as a family team for son Jamie Thorburn, the best memories are yet to be made here in  Ford National!

Team Owner

Stuart Thorburn

E mail: Stuart@jthorburn.co.uk

Cliff Dempsey Racing

2019 Drivers:

Jonathan Browne, James Clarke, Spike Kohlbecker


Website: n/a

Facebook: @cliffdempseyracing

Twitter: @CDRMotorsport

Instagram: @cliffdempseyracing

Founded: 1989

Best Formula Ford memory

we are still making them !! 

Team Owner

Cliff Dempsey

E mail: cdracing@icloud.com

Kevin Mills Racing

2019 Drivers:

Brendon Leigh, Neil MacLennan, Michael Macpherson

Website: www.kevinmillsracing.com

Facebook: @KevinMillsRacing

Twitter: @KevinMillsRace

Instagram: KevinMillsRacing


Best Formula Ford memory

Team Owner

Kevin Mills

E mail: kevinmillsracing@hotmail.com

Oldfield Motorsport

2019 Drivers:

Aaron Jeansonne, Henry Chart

Website: http://www.oldfieldmotorsport.co.uk/

Facebook: @oldfieldmotorsportff1600

Twitter: @oldfield_msport

Instagram: oldfield_motorsport

Founded: 2013

Best Formula Ford memory

Winning our first Formula Ford Festival in 2018 at Brands Hatch

Team Owner


2019 Drivers: John Svensson, Pascal Monbarron

Website: www.johnracing.be

Facebook: @JohnRacingTeam

Twitter: n/a

Instagram: @john.svensson_jrt

Founded: 1994

Best Formula Ford memory

Team Owner

John Svensson

E mail: info@johnracing.be

Team Dolan

2019 Drivers:

Morgan Quinn, Ross Martin, Jamie Sharp, Max Marzorati, Adam Quartermaine

Website: https://teamdolan.co.uk/

Facebook: @TeamDolan1600

Twitter: @TeamDolan1600

Instagram: @TeamDolan1600

Founded: The team was established back in 2001. However, in 2018 they moved from Ireland to be permanently located at Snetterton.

Best Formula Ford memory

From 2016 when Niall Murray Won the FF1600 National Championship, Formula Ford Festival and the Walter Hayes Trophy

Team Owner

Sam S Motorsport

2019 Drivers: Sam Street

Website: http://www.samsmotorsport.com/index.htm


Twitter: @samstreetracing



Best Formula Ford memory

Team Owner

Sam Street

E mail: sam@samsmotorsport.com

Auto Haeckel

2019 Drivers:

Klaus-Dieter Haeckel





Founded: 2018

Best Formula Ford memory

Team Owner

Klaus-Dieter Haeckel

E mail: